Application Package (final)

Here are my finalized resumes and cover letter:

I had a lot of fun designing these documents!


Resumes (drafts)

Click here to see my traditional resume:

Click here to see different renditions of my alternative resume:

I’m not sure which one of my second alternative resumes I like more yet because the addition or deletion of the gray box outlines produces a different “look” on my designs… and I like them all!!!

Personal Logo & Business Card (final)

Logo Card

These are my final products! On the left, I played with different colors to see if any other color would suit my logo best, but as you can see, I ended up sticking with the teal for my business card. Designing the business card was close to impossible– I really wanted a vertical one! I had a possible design for that concept, but how I had it left too much white space on the back of the card, so I improvised and came up with this one. I like the idea of having different colored sides just to make it more modern. I did not center all of my contact information because I thought this mirrored effect suited my card and my personality much more!

Personal Logo (reiteration)

Logo reiteration

Here are a few iterations of two logos that I’ve experimented with over the weekend. I think I’m going to go with the first rectangular logo and save the circular one for some other side project in the future. My goal was to highlight my name in the most prominent way possible– loud and bold. I also really like the circle logo only because I tried my best to make it look like some sort of asterisk gone wrong. This is so hard!

Personal Logo (draft)

Logo drafts

It’s obvious that I’m trying really hard to narrow down my choices for a personal logo. I’m torn between having something clean and simple versus something a little more unorthodox. The only problem is the latter might be a little too complex to figure out. I definitely am going to go with this teal color as my final product because it stands out and I just LOVE teal!

Document Redesign (final)

bad flyer final

I ended up fixing the opacity of the background image so it would make the flyer stand out more and not look as faded. Instead of centering all of the important information, I decided to mirror the dates with left and right justify. I also shrank the white box a little bit so we can see more of the campus in the back.

Document Redesign (draft)


I chose to redesign a flyer looking for UCSB’s next tour guides because I got the email at work and almost overlooked it, thinking it wasn’t an important announcement. After taking a second glance, I realized this would be the perfect document for this assignment. The original flyer does not have any aesthetic appeal at all; everything is black text on a plain background with no color, images, or interesting pull.

In my redesign draft, I thought it would be appropriate to have a picture of the UCSB campus in the background in order to add some color/visuals and make it look more like a flyer. I took out the part about what a tour guide can get out of this experience because I did not find it necessary to the rest of the information presented. I know that I personally would not have based my decision to apply for this job just by reading that I will improve my public speaking skills and meet fun new people. I decided to go with the short and simple way with a bold font and have the information session dates highlighted with an opaque box. I especially liked the tag line “we walk backwards to move UCSB forward” and thought that was very clever! Because of this, I blew it up and enjoyed just how perfectly it filled up the negative space against the background. I am still not sure whether or not I should add colors to the text or throw in some extra graphics, but hopefully I’ll get around to finalizing the revamped flyer!